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Sho Madjozi’s New Hairstyle Creates Mixed Feelings

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Sho Madjozi’s New Hairstyle Creates Mixed Feelings Among Parents

Sho Madjozi has broken the internet with her new colorful sparkle-in-the-dark hairstyle. She took to  X to post a video showing off her new hair, saying, ‘I finally figured out the sparkle braids.’

With over a million views, the video has already gone viral, and people can’t stop talking about her new look.

In the seven-second video clip, she is seen moving her head, displaying her green metallic-looking braids shimmering in the light

While many absolutely love the look and are eager to find out where to get them, most are commenting on the fact that it will be the ‘it’ look for little ones this coming holiday season and that it’s going to cause moms stress.

Twitter responses:

“Yoh yoh yoh😭my little sister must not see this😂

“Aah Maya please man. Come on, i have 3 daughters for crying out loud. If you can’t connect us to a supplier then you need to take this video down”

“It’s going to be an expensive December for the rents.”

“Wow. Our kids are going to be looking for them too for Christmas hairstyles. Trouble in the house.”

“Nooo😭😭 last time we were busy looking for colourful braids for our baby cousins and nieces or whatever because of you.”

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