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Shynebright Entertainment Responds to Motlanalo’s Resignation

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Shynebright Entertainment has officially acknowledged the resignation of Motlanalo as the PR and Marketing Manager, effective January 11, 2024.

The announcement comes amidst Motlanalo’s announcement of her immediate departure from the company, stating that the direction the company is taking doesn’t align with her future plans.

“This decision was made after giving it much thought and reflection to better line with my principles and career goals,” said Motlanalo

In a statement issued by Shynebright Entertainment, the company acknowledged acceptance of Motlanalo’s resignation and underlined the circumstances leading to her resignation.

“Shynebright Entertainment hereby categorically states that our Human Resources Manager has received Motlanalo’s resignation as PR and Marketing Manager on the 11th January 2024.”

“It’s however worth noting that Motlanalo was suspended from work as PR and Marketing Manager due to the fact that her qualification “BA Degree” was not confirmed by the relevant authority (MIE) and the results for verification came back Inconclusive,” read the statement

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Motlanalo posing for a picture at Shynebright Reception area

In addressing Motlanalo’s status as an artist, Shynebright clarifies that she was not signed as a recording artist.

“Regarding Motlanalo as an artist, Motlanalo had not signed her as a recording artist. Any copy right matters relating to any material between Shynebright and Motlanalo are to be entertained only after consultation with Shynebright legal team and same may be communicated in due course( should a need arise).”


Motlanalo responded with a screenshot of her academic record from the University of South Africa, stating that she is contemplating legal action against Shynebright for defamation of character, asserting that it aims to discredit her academic qualifications.

The screenshot demonstrates that she has successfully completed her BA degree and is presently pursuing her honors degree.

She posted the screenshot on her Facebook.

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