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Limpopo Government Cuts Trading Hours for Liqour outlets

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Limpopo government has taken a step by enforcing the closure of liquor outlets and nightlife spots with liquor licenses after midnight. 

The new regulation starting from 1 August 2023, seeks to combat gender-based violence, child abuse, community instability, trauma incidents, rape, and other crimes associated with alcohol consumption.

Economic Development, Environment, and Tourism MEC Rodgers Monama made a resolute statement this week, highlighting the undeniable role of alcohol in contributing to the alarming rates of social problems plaguing the province. 

“This measure is essential to address the underlying issues perpetuated by excessive alcohol consumption,” stated MEC Rodgers Monama. 

Through this latest move, liquor outlets, commonly known as nightclubs, taverns, shebeens, and liquor restaurants, will be compelled to adhere to the mandated midnight closure on operating days. 

“By closing these establishments after midnight, we aim to minimize the impact of alcohol on crime rates and community well-being,” added MEC Rodgers Monama. 

The decision has sparked mixed reactions among local business owners and residents. 

While some support the move as a much-needed step to tackle social issues, others express concerns about its potential impact on the hospitality and nightlife industry.

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